Providing sustainable
critical power solutions
in an ever demanding world

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Providing uninterruptible
Power Solutions
to all sectors

We are an international provider of secure power solutions for customers worldwide.

Our solutions and services protect businesses from the damaging effects of power interruptions and poorly maintained systems. Where sustainable power is critical to the continuity of your organisation, PE Systems provides products, services, support and complete power solutions.

AC Systems 

We can supply a wide range of modular UPS systems to suit almost any application. We have standard products available quickly to complex, specific designs. Single and three phase outputs are available in sizes 1kVA up to 1MVA.

DC Systems

Our core business and speciality has always been secure, DC System products. From complex units for the National Grid and utilities, to simple back-up systems for general applications. All are available with a wide range of options including, single or three phase input, analogue/digital instrumentation, custom alarm and monitor units, offering compatibility with all battery technologies.

•  Single/Three Phase Thyristor Controlled Units
•  Single/Three Phase Switchmode Units

Energy Storage

As a key UK OEM, PE Systems has secured some of the most competitive energy storage pricing around. Whether the application requires Planté Lead Acid, Valve Regulated Lead Acid, Nickel Cadmium or the newer Lithium derivatives – We can also supply and install comprehensive battery monitoring solutions – Contact us for advice and a competitive quote.


PE Systems have access to competitive pricing for supply, install and maintenance of Standby Generators. Contact us for details.

We can carry out full equipment and battery assessments as well as Battery discharge testing and disposal offering you total power protection solution support.

Installation and Maintenance

Our experienced teams can provide the full turnkey package by providing both Installation and Maintenance services for your equipment. All of our site teams are utility/National Grid Gas and Electricity Transmission authorised and all carry full CCNSG safety passports.


At PE Systems we understand the need for secure, reliable back-up power when you need it. Our dedicated team work around the clock to service our customers requirements and help ensure full power continuity for your business.